Take your understanding to the next level with Italian language courses in Italy!

Learning Italian while immersing yourself in authentic local culture is an experience unlike any other. With start dates available every month, Accademia Italiana with its 2 schools in Salerno and Naples, gives people from all over the world this experience of a lifetime. Get to know your classmates, the cities, and their customs with language classes that are taught by highly qualified teachers. 

Practical Communication Skills

Our general Italian courses are available in six levels and three program forms. Choose from our standard, intensive, and super-intensive options. Each course features:

Why Salerno?

Salerno is a small and authentic city, perfect for studying Italian because of its charming, calm atmosphere and its affordable cost of living. It’s also a hubspot from which you can explore the rest of Italy.

A stay in Salerno will give you time to visit the Duomo (Cathedral), which some call the most beautiful church in Italy, take in the Museo Archeologico Provinciale (the Archaeological Museum), and relax in the Villa Comunale (a landscaped garden park) in the centrostorico (historic centre), among many other sites. Enjoy the city and more in italiano!

Why Naples?

Naples ( Napoli) is an authentic Italian city rich in art, culture and food with breath-taking monuments, UNESCO heritage historical centre, cathedrals, churches and museums! The Royal Palace, San Carlo theatre, the archaeological museum, the underground city are only some of the monuments you can enjoy during your stay in Naples while having the best pizza and espresso ever!

Once one has seen Naples, one can die peacefully, since nothing else can match its beauty!